Tou curtains

artist: Abtffn

The curtains of the office windows from a building for a very long time emty in the east part of Stavanger, Norway. The building had been housing, in the 80s, the offices of the norwegian oil compagny Statoil, at it’s very beginning.  Now the building is housing the municipality’s artist’s studios and is part of the Tou Scene art center.
Agnes Btffn creates several projects from this fabric:

Fæil© flag
On the norwegian national day on the 17th of may, the homemade flag was set up by the house wall. The design of the flag will change progressively. It is not a flag to represent a country, a political party of whatever group, just a flag to celebrate life,  freedom of creation, lets call it the artflag !


Fæil© burqa
The burqa was sawn in the curtain fabric and used in numerous performance art action.

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